The menu at the Mühbrook restaurant changes every eight weeks.
To give you a good idea, here is an excerpt:


Sweet potato coconut soup

with shrimp skewers


Pastinaken Soup

with roasted bacon



with leeks and bacon 11,90 Euro

with goat’s apple cheese & honey 13.90 Euro

glazed pears and camembert, cranberries 13.90 euro


Colorful salads with shrimp skewers

homemade dressing



Fresh salad with sheep’s cheese

Olives and onions

Homemade Dressing, Bread


Fitness salad

Fresh salad variations on homemade dressings

fried chicken breast strips


16.80 Eur

0.33l bottle 3.80 Euro

Fischer’s Fritz fishes fresh fish …

Fresh zander on mushrooms

and Holsteiner roast potatoes with bacon and onion


Panfish from the pan

Cod with mustard sauce

with crisp vitalizing salads of the season


Plaice – fried as a whole-

Finkenwerder Species

served with bacon, fresh parsley potatoes

and colorful salad variations


Homemade bratherings in sour,

served cold

Holsteiner roast potatoes with bacon and onions


Matjestopf according to Housewives Of Style

two matjes fillets in clay pot on apple-onion sauce

to this end, we

Holsteiner roast potatoes with bacon and onions


Delicate poultry

Roasted chicken breast

on Ratatouille vegetables with sweet potato fries & chilli dip



Heifer rump steak

with fried mushrooms & onions

Holsteiner Bratkartoffeln


Heifer rump steak with herb butter

medium fried, baked potato and sour cream

Colorful salad variations on homemade dressings


From the pig

Pork fillets fried in bacon coat

Bean vegetables and potato gratin



Schnitzel creations of the calf

Wiener Schnitzel

with Fries


Schnitzel Holstein

Veal schnitzel breaded served with fried eggs

Holsteiner roast potatoes with bacon and onion

Colorful spring salad variations


Wiener Schnitzel with mushrooms & onions

Holsteiner roast potatoes with bacon and onions


Hearty food from the Schleswig-Holstein country kitchen

Homemade sour meat

with remouladen sauce and roast potatoes


Roast beef pink served cold

with remouladen sauce and roast potatoes


Holstein farmer’s breakfast

with diced cheese-smoked ham and spice cucumbers


From the cold kitchen

Holstein ham bread

with real cheese-baked ham on black bread & cucumber


Fresh Landmettwurst

on black bread & cucumber


Various cheese variations of the

Schleswig-Holstein Cheese Road

optionally with black bread and grey bread


Children’s menu

Currywurst and Fries


Fish sticks with fries

7.50 Euro

Chicken snacks with fries

7.50 Euro

Portion of Fries

3.00 Euro

Little Wiener Schnitzel

on Fries


Vegetarian cuisine

Tagliatelle with Ratatouille Vegetables


Fresh spring leaf salads

with gratinated goat cheese

Walnuts on pears

Dressing and fresh bread


Celery schnitzel with sweet potato pommes

Chili dip, sauce choron and colorful salad variations


Baked potato with sour cream

Colorful salad variations

7.80 Euro

Scoundours pan

with fresh vegetables, fried mushrooms and fresh spring herbs



Coup Danmark 5.20 Euro

Black Forest Mug 5,80 Euro

Apple strudel with vanilla ice cream and cream 4,90 Euro

Red Grits with vanilla ice cream 4,90 Euro

Iced coffee 4,00 Euro

Ice chocolate 4,00 Euro

1 scoop of ice cream of your choice from our

Ice program 1.50 Euro

Gentle angel vanilla ice cream and orange juice 4,00 Euro

Coffee Amaretto 5,50 Euro

Peach Melba 5.20 Euro

Fruit cup 5,20 Euro

Mixed ice cream with cream 4.80 Euro

Mixed ice cream without cream 4,50 Euro

Pear Helene 5.20 Euro

Ice cream with hot raspberries 5,80 Euro

Ice dwarf 2,00 Euro

For reorders from the restaurant menu we charge 1.00 Euro, for packaging material 2.00 Euro

All ice creams are from Langnese and may contain traces of nuts, flavour enhancers, sweeteners, cream and milk products, colourings, eggs

We have a declaration of the additives and allergens present in this menu available separately for you,

please please contact us.

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